Now Accepting Applications for the 2023-24 School Year
2023-2024 School Year Applicants will be contacted in July

To be considered for employment as a substitute teacher, the following is required:

  • A valid Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card issued by AZ Dept. of Public Safety
  • A valid Arizona teaching or Arizona substitute certification or indicate need for sponsorship of an emergency substitute certificate (high school transcripts are required for an emergency substitute certificate)
  • Contact information of last three employers, supervisor, or HR department. Please provide this information in the reference section of the application (required by AZ statute)

Daily Rate: 
$140 w/ valid AZ substitute or emergency substitute certificate ($180/day for long-term assignments)
$170 w/ valid AZ teaching certificate ($200/day for long-term assignments)
Long-term assignments are assignments that are expected to last more than 20 days
Assignments 4.5 hours and less are considered a half day and will be paid at half the daily rate

Mesa Public Schools uses an automated system, SmartFind Express, to offer assignments to substitute teachers via phone, web, or smartphone app. Substitute teachers can indicate their availability, and location and classroom preferences to personalize the substitute teaching opportunities that are offered.

Emergency Sub Certification

If you are interested in substitute teaching with Mesa Public Schools and are in need of sponsorship to obtain an emergency substitute teaching certification, please indicate this information when completing the substitute teacher application. After reviewing your application, we will provide you with the necessary information to apply for an emergency substitute teaching certificate with the Arizona Department of Education. You will also need to secure a Level One IVP fingerprint clearance card through the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Obtaining your substitute certificate ($60) and Level One IVP fingerprint clearance card ($67) will be at the cost of the applicant.

Subbing within 1 Year of Retirement from ASRS

If you have retired from ASRS within the last year, you will be employed by ESI. You must still complete an MPS substitute application, we will connect you with ESI after your MPS application has been approved. After you have been retired for more than one year, you will be transferred back to MPS payroll.