Who Does What in HR

Click on the following links to find out where to direct your Human Resources questions :


Justin Wing (JPWING@mpsaz.org) 472-0412  - Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Renee Parker (ERPARKER@mpsaz.org ) 472-0403 - Director, Certificated Personnel

Chris Rossini (BCROSSINI@mpsaz.org) 472-0420 - Director, Classified Personnel

Deb Herman (DKHERMAN@mpsaz.org) 472-0404 - Supervisor, Human Resources

Rocio Sosa (RESOSA@mpsaz.org) 472-0369 - Director, Employee Benefits

Michelle Gardner (MLGARDNER@mpsaz.org) 472-0430 - Analyst
Recruit & Hire training and management, retiree return to work administration, surveys and data requests, Table of Organization changes and requests

Carmen Rocha (CAROCHA@mpsaz.org) 472-0426 - HR Assistant
Receptionist and verification of employment

Retirement Questions 472-0404 - Deb Herman