Sabbatical Leave Information and Application

Eligibility - Any certificated teacher or administrator employed by the district for a period of seven consecutive contract years immediately prior to the time the leave is to commence may apply for sabbatical leave under the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must seek the leave for continuing professional education. A request will be evaluated on the basis of improvement of professional preparation and/or the educational program of the district.  Additional factors considered will be the impact to the educational program of the school, current assignment of the employee, value of the leave to the district, and availability of funds. 
  2. The applicant must not have previously been granted sabbatical leave. 
  3. The applicant must request sabbatical leave by forwarding the application to the Human Resources Department through the employee's immediate supervisor. Applications must be submitted by January 20 to be considered for the subsequent school year. Requests for leave for the second semester must be submitted by September 1

General Information - Sabbatical leave is subject to the following requirements:

  1. During the leave, the district will pay the employee one-half the salary received by the employee during the year of application for leave. The salary will be paid to the employee with the condition that the employee will return not later than one year after commencement of the leave and for resumption of employment for at least one school year. The district will also maintain the employee's health insurance plans and pay into the employee's retirement fund one-half the applicable amount. 
  2. If the employee does not return for the prescribed time following leave, all monies granted during the leave must be repaid to the district. 
  3. Within six weeks after return to service, the employee must submit a written report to the Superintendent, describing educational programs undertaken and evidencing full compliance with leave requirements. The report must include detailed data as to the activities of the employee together with an appraisal of the professional value of the experience gained while on leave, the manner in which such experience or knowledge gained may be used for the benefit of the students or the school at which the employee is assigned, as well as other appropriate data. 
  4. With regard to sabbatical leave for teachers: 
    1. No more than one-half of one percent of the district faculty may be granted leave at any given time. 
    2. The Committee on Instruction and Professional Development will screen leave applications. Applications will be treated confidentially. 
    3. The District Selection Committee will hold interviews with applicants. The District Selection Committee will be composed of the MEA President and Vice President, the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources (or designee), and an administrator designated by the Superintendent. The committee will make recommendations to the Superintendent. 
  5. With regard to sabbatical leave granted to administrators: 
    1. Only one administrator may be granted leave at any given time. 
    2. A member of the superintendency may be granted a leave; however, it may not exceed three months. 
    3. A committee composed of the MASA President, the Associate Superintendent, and the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources will screen applicants. The committee will make recommendations to the Superintendent.



Completed applications should be forwarded to the Human Resources Department through the employee's immediate supervisor.