Relay Web Filter & Parent Report Opt-In
Parent Resources for Student Web Filter

Web Filtering & CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) Compliance

CIPA compliance measures require that the district certify with the E-rate program and that it has an internet safety policy that includes technology protection such as the Relay web filter. The protection measures must include blocking or filtering Interent access to pictures that are: (a) obscene; (b) child pornography; or (c) harmfult to minors. Although no web filter is 100% filter proof, the district takes web filtering seriously and makes every effort to be CIPA compliant.

All student devices have the Relay web filter agent installed that enforces the district's filtering policies while on campus or off campus. Parents can opt-in to receive a weekly summary report of their student's web history.

Parent Report Opt-In

Click on the link to view the directions for receiving email reports of your child's online activity at school.  These reports include:

  • When is my child using their device?
  • What are their search queries?
  • Are they attempting to access any blocked sites?
  • What websites do they visit most often, and how much time do they spend there?
  • How does their device usage compare with their peers’ usage?