Device Protection Plan (DPP)

As part of the district’s 1:1 technology initiative, parents have the option to enroll in the district’s Device Protection Plan (DPP). Enrollment in the plan will minimize the potential repair and/or replacement costs associated with the device.

By selecting this plan, you agree to pay an annual fee of $30 to be enrolled in the DPP. If a device becomes damaged, your student will take it to the school’s repair center and pay a $20 fee for repair. If the device is lost or stolen, a fee of $200 will be assessed. These fees apply to each occurrence. Enrollment in the DPP does not begin until the annual $30 payment has been received.

What’s covered under the plan

● Accidental damage, such as cracked screens or cases, broken keyboards, etc.

● Loss of power cord or stylus

● Replacement of lost or stolen device. If the device is stolen, a police report must be filed, with a copy of the report sent to the district.

Intentional damage to the device is not covered under the plan.


*No refunds/prorations after 14 days of purchase and provided the laptop has passed inspection upon return

iPad DPP
MacBook Protection Plan

How to Pay a Fine

If damage occurs to the student device, or you need to replace the power cord due to loss or damage, please put on a work order at 

The technician will assign a fine to the student, which will process overnight and be available for families to pay in MPS Webpay the next day. 

Parents and students who choose not to purchase the Device Protection Plan are responsible for 100 percent of all repair and replacement costs for the device.

Should your student’s device become damaged, they will be provided a loaner device while their assigned device is being repaired. This loaner device may not be of equivalent performance or features.

*** All repairs must be made by MPS certified technicians ***

Device Protection Plan
DPP Prices in Spanish