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Elementary students in Mesa Public Schools are guaranteed quality instruction in a nationally recognized elementary physical education program.  Highly qualified state certified elementary physical education specialists provide instruction based on a district approved curriculum that includes a sequence of developmentally appropriate activities for students in grades K-6. 

 Each elementary school is supplied with ample equipment to provide individualized instruction. Elementary physical education specialists participate monthly in professional development training sessions that focus on child-sensitive and positive methods of classroom management, integration of cross-curricular academic skills, teaching strategies that promote physical activity, and precautions necessary for providing a safe environment for student participation.

"No Child is Left Behind" in Mesa's Elementary Physical Education Program. All children are provided the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become competent consumers of daily physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

The Elementary School Physical Education Program emphasizes health and wellness values with lifetime physical activities and sport related skills being developed. The sequenced curriculum activities include units by developmental levels rather than grade levels. Three developmental curriculum's are offered for grades K-6.



Major areas of focus 

☼      Developing and maintaining a level of physical fitness commensurate with daily needs and health standards.

☼     Activities included are structured so that each child can attain movement competence and confidence in body management activities, rhythmic movement, fundamental physical skills and specialized physical skills.

☼      The program helps students participate in a highly interdependent and culturally diverse world. This setting provides an environment where children learn to internalize and understand the merits of participation, cooperation and tolerance.

☼      To stress the positive relationship between physical activity and health and increase participation in and derive enjoyment from lifetime physical activities.

☼      To develop a positive self-concept through relevant physical education experiences.

☼      To acquire knowledge and experience in a wide variety of physical fitness activities, physical skills, sport related games, low organized games and lifetime physical activities.

☼      To acquire safety skills when working with equipment, and when working independently or in groups.

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