Home of the Jaguars!

AVID PrincipalI am honored to be the Principal of the learning community of Jefferson AVID Elementary.  Our school serves approximately 550 students and their families.  Without a doubt, the strength of our school is EVERYONE that invests time and effort into our school. It takes a community to raise a child for success.  We appreciate our staff, parents, and all of our community organizations who help support the efforts at Jefferson.  Our community business partners have generously supported in financial support, volunteering, technology, and beautification of our school.

Our staff is passionately committed to the success of our students, both academically and in character development through a systematic mindset through AVID and PBIS.  Our highly qualified staff, makes learning exciting by involving students actively in the learning process and by emphasizing real world connections.  Last year many of our teachers tutored students after school.  Our core curriculum includes: reading, math, written communication, social studies, health, science, physical education, art, music and library skills using AVID and PBIS strategies. (WICOR, Focused Note-Taking, Student Success skills, positive reinforcement, and college culture)

We teach the Arizona State Standards and establish academic goals, so our students are aware of the high expectations that need to be achieved in becoming a well rounded student.  We teach character along with academics because it is not enough for our students to be knowledgeable.  They also must learn to be a successful well rounded person.

Parents are always welcome in our school!  We wish to be partners with parents in the education process.  We have many opportunities that parents can be involved in their child's education experiences!  We want our students to picture success in their academic work, in their character and in their social interactions with others. 

Our society and our future depend on students who are capable and well balanced.  We believe in our students and we believe that they can accomplish their dreams through high quality education. We STRIVE for EXCELLENCE because we believe, EXCELLENCE is Possible, Attainable, and Expected! 

Have a great year everyone!


Genessee A. Montes