Eva Bishop

Room 20

English Language Arts


Johnson fifth graders are wonderful readers! The fifth grade teachers utilize many resources in developing the students' reading skills. The district adopted text, Harcourt Trophies, is used in conjunction with Scholastic News Magazines, non-fiction books, literature studies, and skill activities to enhance student learning.


Writing is an essential skill in the working world. Fifth Graders perform a variety of writing tasks. Opinion and informative essays, narratives, poetry, and report writing are all important components of the writing curriculum, as well as a focus on grammar and conventions.

Morgan Schenk

Room 2
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What Every 5th Grader Should Know

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Shenk and Wagner

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Fifth Grade is an exciting year at Johnson! In addition to the basics of reading, writing, and math, students study a variety of topics in social studies and science. There is an emphasis on study skills in fifth grade, which helps students develop habits which will provide a solid foundation for success in school and later in the working world. Consistent use of student agendas helps our students stay organized.

Teresa Wagner

Room 19


The core science units studied in fifth grade are: Guide To The Galaxy, Earth science, Bones, Muscles, Brains, life science,  Mystery Powders, May the Forces Be With You, and What's the Matter? physical science. All classes go on a field trip to the Salk Aeronautical Center of Exploration.

Social Studies

Fifth graders study American History, with an emphasis on the following topics: The American Revolution, The Constitution, Westward Expansion, and The Civil War. The social studies curriculum also includes U.S. geography, states, and capitals..