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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Our kindergarten offerings consist of full day, and young learner options with satellite and half day options available in the district. All kindergarten classes use the Harcourt Reading Series and the Scott Foresman Math. Kindergarten at Johnson is a fun educational experience. Children are exposed to many stories, poems, songs and games as they learn reading, writing and math skills. 


Students learn the upper and lower case letters and phonemic sounds. They also learn to blend short vowel words and recognize sight words as well.  As the letters and sounds are introduced kindergarten students learn the proper way to write each letter. Writing is an important part of the kindergarten class room.  Modeled daily by their teacher the students understand the importance of writing and are given many opportunities to practice this skill. It is our goal that students move on to first grade already seeing themselves as readers and writers.


In math, the children have great fun learning concepts with a multitude of manipulatives.  They begin with free explorations then move into sorting and patterning.  Students learn to read and write numbers and count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.  They understand that 7 can be a combination of a variety of numbers (3 and 4, or 6 and 1, etc.).  By the end of kindergarten the children demonstrate math computational skills in addition and subtraction. They also display knowledge of graphing and calendars.



Children in the Johnson Kindergarten have many opportunities to explore the world of science. They make many predictions and test them out.  Students discover magnets, colors, the properties of sink and float and also investigate weather.  They learn about their pets, farm animals, zoo animals, sea creatures and insects.


At Johnson, children participate in many creative activities such as: Kindergarten Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Gingerbread Boy Race, Polar Express Day, Walking Valentines, and a Spring Egg Hunt. All are major highlight of the kindergarten experience.

An intense academic program along with or special creative activities makes Johnson School a magical environment for the kindergarten student.

 Dedicated Teachers and Wonderful Experiences = A Memorable Kindergarten Year

Your child’s birthday is a very special occasion.  We will be celebrating his/her birthday at school.  You may send in special treats on this day if you would like.  Please be aware that homemade food items are not allowed. If your child’s birthday is during the summer we will celebrate his/her birthday the last few weeks of school.


Homework should be done nightly if possible.  The activities given for homework should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.