The office is currently closed for summer break and will reopen Monday, July 11. School begins Thursday, August 4. For your convenience, you may enroll your child online and complete re-enrollment for returning students at any time at or for assistance contact the office beginning July 11. | La oficina se encuentra cerrada por las vacaciones de verano y reabrirá el lunes 11 de julio. El primer día de clases es el jueves 4 de agosto. Puede inscribir a sus hijos en línea o completar la reinscripción para estudiantes que regresan en cualquier momento en o para asistencia contacte a la oficina a partir del 11 de julio.

Christopher Jacobson

Orchestra Room 42

Orchestra Concert Info for Wed, Dec. 8th, 2021

Johnson Feeder Pattern Concert

Orchestra Strings


Orchestra is where we learn to play instruments from the "String Family" - more specifically, Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. August is the time Miss Harris begins recruitment to the fourth grade students here at Johnson. Students electing to participate in Orchestra come to class two times per week for 30 minute lessons. Since Orchestra is held during the school day, students will miss some classroom instruction and need to be conscientious about making up missed work. I have found the teachers at Johnson to be very supportive of the music program. They go the extra mile to help students stay up to date in their school work. In 4th grade we start by learning about our instruments and how to take care of them. We then learn about the correct way to hold our instruments and we start reading music. 5th grade involves refining the skills we have already learned as well as incorporating new skills such as slurring. We start to learn our major scales and of course, the music is more challenging! 6th graders begin playing in harmony, which means that the person sitting next to you may have a different part! This requires students to be able to listen and make their part fit with everyone else. We continue to progress on scales and we start preparing for the Jr. High School Orchestra experience.

If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to give me a call. My number at school is 472-6842. I will do my best to answer you calls as soon as possible. 


Johnson Music

General Music

General Music

All students at Johnson attend general music class once a week for 30 minutes. In music class, students will have fun learning musical concepts through the integration of speech, song, movement, and performance on classroom instruments. This year, Johnson Elementary students will learn traditional American songs and dances, as well as music from around the globe!

Dawn Hamilton

Band rm 41


Welcome to the Johnson Band program! Students have the opportunity to play a band instrument beginning in the 5th grade. The following instruments are available for beginners:


   Alto Saxophone


   French Horn





In 6th grade band we add the following larger instruments to the ensemble to achieve a proper balance:

   Tenor Saxophone

   Bass Clarinet


Band classes meet twice a week for thirty minutes. During these lessons, band students learn how to sit and breathe properly in order to get a good sound on their instrument. They also learn how to read and play rhythmic patterns and the notes on the staff. Playing in the band is like being a part of a team - everyone works together to achieve a common goal! Being involved in a musical ensemble is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.