Welcome to Sixth Grade!


School attendance is crucial to success. Please be sure your child not only attends each day, but that he/she arrives on time with the necessary materials.  Your help in this is greatly appreciated.


Our grading scale is:

A= 90-100%
B= 80-89%
C= 70-79%
D= 60-69%
F= 59 or less

Our expectations are that the students enter the classroom and school with a positive attitude toward learning and helping others. Students will receive a planner to help them stay organized this year. All students should be respectful of others' property and demonstrate self-control.

Science and Social Studies

Students learn the content and processes of science through experiments, individual and group projects, and large group instruction. Students will be studying earth, life, and physical sciences. The 6th grade curriculum covers extreme weather, oceanography, space, and cells/microscopes.

The geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere is the broad topic for social studies. Specific units will deal with ancient civilizations across the Eastern Hemisphere. Students will delve into the culture and history of people in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. 

Staci Ortega

Room 18

English Language Arts
Comprehension of both literary and informational text is a crucial part of daily ELA lessons. Students will learn strategies to read fluently, increase vocabulary, as well as closely read and comprehend rigorous text. Writing across the genres, with specific focus on informative, persuasive, and narrative text is essential in 6th grade. Students will employ 21st century skills, such as computer research, typing, citing sources, and digital citizenship, throughout the year and across all subject areas. 



Randy Mann

Room 17

6th grade math skills cover the areas of numerical and algebraic expressions, operations with fractions and decimals, ratios and rates, integers, geometry and statistical measures.  Textbooks, activity sheets, manipulatives, computer programs, and games may be incorporated into the curriculum to provide practice, reinforcement, and enrichment. Mastery of basic math facts is essential and your help with this is important. All sixth grade students should be able to complete 60 addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems on the district test in 2 minutes.