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Question:  What do I need to register my child for school?

Answer:  You need the following information to register your child for school.

  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  • Updated shot records
  • Proof of address
  • Name and address of last school attended for request of records

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Question:  What do I need to do if my child is ill or otherwise cannot attend school?

Answer:  Call the Kerr Attendance Line at 480-472-5168 (During non-school hours you may call 480-472-5100 and Press 2 to leave a message for the Attendance Clerk), and report the absence with the following details:

  • Child’s full name
  • Teacher’s name
  • Room number
  • Reason for absence
  • Length of absence (If you are calling for more than one day)

    Truancy Protocol English 

    Absenteeism and truancy student achievement and success

    Mesa Public Schools is committed to helping students achieve, and regular attendance at school is key to their success.  The district is increasing its enforcement efforts to reduce absenteeism and truancy, which is defined as unexcused absences.

    Parents are expected to notify the school if their child is going to be absent. Procedures are in place that track student attendance and trigger enforcement efforts. If your child has excessive absences or is truant, you will receive a warning letter. An attendance officer may visit or call your home to discuss ways of improving attendance and explain possible consequences for parents as well as the student.

    Elementary Schools count each half day a student is absent as one absence for truancy purposes. The school principal has the authority to determine if an absence is excused. Students are habitually truant if they have five or more unexcused absences. They are excessively absent if they have 18 or more excused or unexcused absences.

    To learn more please see the 2014-15 Elementary Students Information and Guidelines

    Truancy Protocol Spanish

    Ausentismo y ausencia escolar no igualan el logro o el éxito estudiantil

    Las Escuelas Públicas de Mesa están comprometidas en ayudar a los estudiantes en lograr, y la asistencia regular es la clave para el éxito.  El distrito está aumentando su esfuerzo de cumplimiento para reducir el ausentismo y la ausencia escolar, lo cual está definido como ausencias injustificadas.   

    Se espera de los padres que avisen a la escuela si su hijo va estar ausente.  Los procedimientos están colocados para estar al tanto de la asistencia escolar e iniciar el esfuerzo de cumplimiento.  Si su hijo tiene ausencias excesivas o ausencias sin justificación, usted recibirá una carta de aviso.  El personal del control de asistencia escolar puede que lo visite o lo llame a su casa para dialogar las maneras para mejorar la asistencia y explicar las posibles consecuencias para los padres así como también del estudiante.

    Las escuelas primarias cuentan cada medio día que un estudiante está ausente como una ausencia sin justificación.  El director de la escuela tiene la autoridad para determinar si una ausencia es justificada.  Los estudiantes están habitualmente ausentes sin justificación si tienen cinco o más ausencias sin justificación.  Ellos están excesivamente ausentes si tienen 18 o más ausencias con o sin justificación.

    Para aprender más por favor vea el 2014-15 Información y Normas para Estudiantes de  Primaria      

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Question:  What is the cost, and how do we pay?

Answer:  Breakfast is served, free of charge, to all students in classrooms at the start of the day.

Lunch includes a main entrée and milk.  Elementary Lunch prices are $1.95 a day or $9.75 per week and $.40 a day or $2.00 per week for those students whose families qualify for reduced-price meal benefits.  Each child will have an individual account so that you can pay in advance by cash or by check, in any amount. As the account is nearing its end, you will be notified several days in advance.

For information on Prices, Menus, Nutrition, Assistance Applications, Employment, and much more: Mesa Public Schools Food and Nutrition

The child could also pay on a daily basis, but that is up to you to decide with your child. The website to pay online for school lunches is

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Contacting Teacher

Question:  How may I contact my child’s teacher?

Answer: All of the teachers' classroom phone numbers may be found by clicking on this link Staff . It is found under More on the Kerr Home Page. Teachers are available for phone calls before and after school hours. During regular school hours you may leave a voice-mail message, and the teacher will return your call when the school day is over. Calls are not permitted into the classroom during times of instruction.

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Before and After School Information

Question:  What time can I drop my student off for school?

Answer:  Students should not arrive before 7:10 a.m. as there is no adult supervision on the playground prior to that time.

Question:  Do you have afterschool daycare?

Answer:  Yes, We have Xplore on site. Please call Community Education (480-472-7250) to register, click on the Xplore link or stop by the office to get the registration packet. Xplore is open until 6 pm each day. Xplore link.  

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