Do you want your child to.......

  • Get along with others?
  • Do well in school?
  • Become a good reader?
  • Solve math problems?
  • Speak and write well?
  • Be creative?
  • Make decisions?
  • Develop physical skills?
  • Have good study habits?
  • Be self-confident and respectful?
  • Enjoy learning?

Our preschool program can help prepare your child for success in school - and in life. New research on the brain and on learning shows how important the early years are in a child's learning and development.

How your preschool child learns - Your child is at a special stage.  Children ages 3-5 are learning all the time and they learn best by being active.

What Children Learn in Preschool - Learning in preschool looks different from learning in elementary school.  We help children learn by being active, investigating, discussing, touching, using materials, choosing who to work with and how long to stay with materials.

Listening and speaking:  Children who know lots of words usually have an easier time learning to read.  They learn new words when adults talk with them, describe what they see, name things, and explain what new words mean.  When you visit our programs, you will hear a lot of talking.  We talk with children as they play to describe what they are doing.  We ask questions to encourage children to express their ideas in works.  We take time to listen carefully to what children have to say.  We also encourage children to talk with each other as they play. 

Early Reading:  In preschool, children begin to learn the names of the letters and their order.  Of course, the most important letters in the alphabet are those in each child's name.  That is why we start with those.  Your child will learn phonological awareness by exploring the sounds in language, words that rhyme and words that start with the same sound.  Most importantly, we want children to want to read.  Reading happens several times a day in the classroom.

Early Writing:  When children scribble on paper and tell us what it means, we know they are beginning to understand what writing is all about.  We show children how we use writing to convey messages.  In our classrooms there are many opportunities and materials to practice this process.

The Arts:  The arts are important as they give children different ways to express what they know and feel.  In our programs, we provide many opportunities for singing, dancing, painting, drawing and creating.

Technology:  In preschool technology is more than just computers.  It is about using tools to get a job done.  Children use equipment as they work in centers and begin to understand how tools help many jobs get done.


Adapted from "A parent's guide to preschool" by Diane Trister Dodge and Joanna Phinney
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