Mrs. Trisha Pembertoncoyote

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Hi! My name is Trisha Pemberton and I am the Early Childhood Teacher Specialist for Kinder U. I began my teaching career in Michigan (where I grew up) at Bronson Hospital after graduating from Michigan State University. After a year of working with preschool and kindergarteners,
I moved on to Pentwater Public Schools in Pentwater, Michigan where I taught first and second grade. I worked in Pentwater for 10 years. Along the way, I completed my Masters degree in child development, helped grow the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children, got married and had 2 children!

In 2002, I moved to Arizona and began teaching for Mesa Public Schools in 2005. I began my tenure with MPS at Wilson Elementary where I taught extended day kindergarten followed by 10 years of teaching kindergarten at Patterson Elementary.

Working with young children is one of the greatest jobs there is! I am allotted the opportunity to be a part of your child's first school experience. I intend to help make this year one of joy, adventure, growth and wonder. I am excited for your child's adventure to begin!

Trish Pemberton