In our class we have many great opportunities to engage with our community.  Here are some permission slips that allow us to do that.


1.)  General field trip form to have "field trips on Skyline Campus".  For example; have lunch in the cafeteria or go to the media center.  



2.)  We have the opportunity to have a turtle in our classroom.  In order to ensure the safety of all of our students' we need to have parent permission forms in the classroom.  



3.)  In our classroom a great way of communication is using the Remind app.  It is a safe and convenient way of communicating back and forth through the phone or e-mail, it is your preference on how you set it up when you sign up.  Please fill out the permission form whether you do grant permission or do  not grant permission.  



4.)  Help me learn all I need to know to help your child have an enjoyable and successful year.  Here is a questionnaire form to help me learn a little bit about your very special child.  

Getting to know your child.