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Student Identification Card  (ID card)*

The ID card is used for identification purposes only and does not provide discounts.  There is NO CHARGE for 1st ID.  Every student is required to carry a Kino Junior High School photo ID card while on campus or when involved in a school activity. 

Replacement ID cards cost $3.00.


Yearbook Purchasing Information

Students may purchase a Kino yearbook for $23.00 

We also have previous years copies that can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.

Kino Spirit Shirts $10 each

Straight Out of Kino Shirts
Adelante Shirts

2020-21 Kino Jr. High Fee Schedule

2020-21 Cuotas de Inscripcion para Kino Jr. High


During student Lunches or By appointment 

Bookstore Contact

Laura Duarte


Spirit Items for Sale:

Kino Lanyards
Kino popsockets $5