Nonfiction Book Talks
Created by MPS students

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The American Presidents by David C. Whitney

Book Talk by Charles at Edison. January 2014.

Survivors the Night the Titanic Sank by Caryn Jenner

Book Talk by Felicity and Heide at Keller. January 2013.  

Wolf by Michael Leach

Book Talk by Dylan at Madison. March 2012.  

Extreme Sports : The Illustrated Guide to Maximum Adrenalin Thrills by Joe Tomlinson

Book Talk by Mike at Mendoza. October 2011.   

Michael Jackson by Matthew Gordon

Book Talk by Jesus at Keller. May 2011.

The Great Dane by Charlotte Wilcox

Book Talk by Cheyenne at Mendoza. October 2010. 

Incredible Journey to the Planets by Nicholas Harris

Book Talk by Hailey at Keller. May 2010.  

Fighter Planes by Matt Doeden

Book Talk by Andy at Hawthorne. April 2010.  

Discover Big Cats by Robert Frederick

Book Talk by Nick at Brimhall. November 2009.    

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