Battle of the Books (5th and 6th Grades):
Rules and Procedures





1.     Team size is limited to three (3) students currently enrolled in either the fifth or sixth grade at the participating school.  If you have an odd number of students who want to participate, you may have a team of only two students as long as everyone understands you may not add another member to this team after the first competition has begun.

2.     Each school should have no more than thirty (30) teams.  Because this is a voluntary program, children should not be required to participate.

3.     Team rosters must be established prior to the start of the first competition.  Since changes can’t be made after the first battle, call your students in a week or two before the first battle and see what they have already read.  If students are not reading, weed out non-readers and change the team roster.  This gives committed students the opportunity to have a much better battle experience.

4.     Once the first competition has begun, teams may not be changed.  If a team member has left the school the remaining members may continue as a team of two. An exception may be to add a student to the team who is new to your school and was participating in the Battle of the Books program at his/her previous school site.

5.     Alternates may not be used to fill in for team members who are absent on the day of a competition or for members who have quit the program.