The office is currently closed for summer break and will reopen Monday, July 11. School begins Thursday, August 4. For your convenience, you may enroll your child online and complete re-enrollment for returning students at any time at or for assistance contact the office beginning July 11. | La oficina se encuentra cerrada por las vacaciones de verano y reabrirá el lunes 11 de julio. El primer día de clases es el jueves 4 de agosto. Puede inscribir a sus hijos en línea o completar la reinscripción para estudiantes que regresan en cualquier momento en o para asistencia contacte a la oficina a partir del 11 de julio.

A Matter of Safety

Dear Parents,

One of the highest priorities we have for your child here at Mendoza is his/her safety.  Mendoza has always prided itself being an open and inviting campus. We want to continue that tradition in the current era we live in while remaining ever vigilant about student safety. We work in collaboration with the District Security Team to ensure our safety plans are the best for our students.

To ensure that your child is safe at all times on campus we will be implementing the procedures which include locking our main gates during the school day. Any adult coming to school while students are on campus must check in at the office and obtain a visitor’s badge that must be worn at all times while on campus.

Morning Arrival:

- A reminder that students should not be on campus prior to 7:50.  We do not provide supervision for students prior to this time.  After 7:50 students will be directed to the playground until the 8:10 first bell when students line up for class.

 - We are asking that parents drop off their children at the main north gate and not walk children to classrooms. 

- Our KG and first grade students will be met by their teachers at the gates for the first few weeks to walk them to their classrooms.

- If you need to speak with the classroom teacher, please come into the office and inquire if your child’s teacher is available.  Then follow check in procedures. 

- All campus access gates will be locked at 8:15 and will remain locked during the day.  Any access to the campus during the day is through the main office.

Afternoon Dismissal:

- We have moved our waiting area to outside the main north gates.  We have provided benches in this area for parents to wait.  We ask that parents wait in this area until the students are escorted off campus by their teacher. If you need to speak with the teacher, please check in at the office.

- Gates will remain locked until 2:40,  just prior to student dismissal.

- Older siblings that normally pick up younger siblings at their classrooms will now pick them up from their teachers near the main gate entrance.

- After school clubs and Kid’s Corner will be escorted to these programs by their teachers.  All after school activities will be dismissed through the Multi Purpose room.

- Gates will be locked at the end of dismissal.

- As a reminder we do have the Explore program available on our campus if you need more supervision for your child before or after school. 

Thank you for your flexibility and support of these procedures that help us keep your child safe at school.  Your partnership is greatly appreciated.