As students are introduced to more complex math concepts, it is very important that they know their basic math facts. Not knowing basic math facts can create stumbling blocks to comprehending and retaining new math skills making math itself frustrating and difficult. Students who know their basic math facts are more confident math students and learn newer skills more readily.

To help give students additional practice with math facts at home, we have designed the following links. Click on the desired link below to view math facts sheets. Both online practice as well as printable pages are available. The printable pages are the exact tests that are given in class. 


  Print Form D      Print Form D      Print Form D  Print Form D
  Print Form P      Print Form P      Print Form P  Print Form P

Below is a list of online math sites that focus on learning multiplication facts.

Check out the following site for added practice in all math fact areas. Another great site to help increase your skill level.