Benefits of being a Biotechnology Academy Student

Why do the Biotechnology Academy students have to take math and science all four years in High School?

By taking the highest level of college preparatory sciences they are capable of successfully handling in all four  years of high school, students will develop a solid background in science skills and concepts, be prepared to succeed in the entry level science course in college, avoid regression between high school and college  by taking math and science each year of high school, and will have a solid background for biotechnology career.

What are the benefits of Biotechnology to students?

Students in the Biotechnology Academy program will:

  • Receive skill training in current biotechnology areas using the latest computer software and equipment in use in industry.
  • Participate in a hands-on, activity oriented program that emphasizes skill development.
  • Have the opportunity to enroll in a sequence of courses covering essential topics in biotechnology. (See our curriculum)
  • Take courses that will apply and reinforce their study of math and science.
  • Enjoy a challenging program that incorporates and addresses the goal of raising standards of learning.
  • Participate in a program that will allow them to explore a major career path and, if they wish to continue, will prepare them for further education at a two or four year college in the field of bioscience.
  • Participate in a program that has developed articulation agreement with Mesa Commuinity College.
  • Be prepared to pursue a career in the biosciences where a national employment shortage exists and pay scales are among the highest levels for entry level professionals or technicians.
  • (optional) Have an opportunity to have an internship with a local industry during the summer or Senior year.