Mesa High Biotechnology Academy

The Biotechnology Academy at Mesa High School introduces students to the field of biotechnology, the fastest growing science of our century. This unique program is a partnership between science and Career and Technical Education with an agriculture plant focus that provides graduates with marketable skills training. 

This college preparatory program includes laboratory research and work on bioscience projects with students from Mesa Community College and Arizona State University Polytechnic. Student research projects are entered in the International Science and Engineer Fair Competitions. 

Students enrolled in the academy have the opportunity to earn college credit along with their high school credits in the area of biology, biotechnology, chemistry, English, and math. This innovative science curriculum is infused with state-of-the-art technology. 

Our program has received numerous accolades and the Flinn Foundation named it as the "most successful biotech training facility for high school students in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area." 

In 2008, the Arizona Higher Education Commission recognized the Academy as the Best Post-Secondary Education Program for K-12 Schools. The students recruited had been identified as at risk and performing below their potential but like science.

MPS Biotechnology Goals for our Students

  1. CAREER AWARENESS GOAL: Increase student awareness and interest in professional opportunities in the bioscience industry.
  2. FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS GOAL: Build fundamental skills in the use of math and language arts as applied in scientific contexts.
  3. BIOTECHNICAL SKILLS GOAL: Build skills in the use of scientific tools and instruments and develop laboratory behaviors.
  4. COMMUNICATION SKILLS GOAL: Build skills in oral and written presentations of science information obtained through research experiences.
  5. TECHNOLOGY GOAL: Enable use of computers in retrieving, storing, analyzing, and presenting data.
  6. SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE GOAL: Instill introductory understand of chemical and biological principles regarding the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels of biological organization.
  7. COLLEGE PREPARATION GOAL: Motivate students to pursue additional coursework in science, mathematics, and technology and prepare them academically for entry into a college science degree program.
  8. EMPLOYABILITY GOAL: Prepare students for biotechnician assistant positions in regional firms and laboratories.