Attention: Future Biotechnology Student and Parents/Gaurdians:

This is a list of required and suggested items for all Biotechnology Courses at Mesa High School and the MPS Biotech Academy.  Please try to purchase these items over the summer and bring them with you on the first day of school!

  • Legal Scientific Notebook (Comp Book-graph paper)
    • MHS Bookstore or OfficeMax/Staples $1.00-$2.50
  • Spiral Notebook not less than 120 pgs, we suggest one with a plastic cover
  • Binder- A section in your larger binder in fine.
  • Saftey Glasses (BIOTECH SPECIFIC)
    • MHS Bookstore - $4.00
  • Dark blue pens for all classwork
  • Grading pen: purple or red ballpoint pen (no markers)
  • Highlighter NOT YELLOW
  • 2 Dark Shapie Markers (Permanent markers- We suggest the dual tip markers)
  • 6" ruler (Can be any color, but must be clear)
  • Calculator- doesn't have to be anything fancy, just as long as it has a square root key.
  • GLUE STICKS, buy a pack. All assignments must be glued in.
    • Tape and staples are not an acceptable means of attachment into your CB or NB
  • Items to have at home: Colored pencils and scissors
    • We have sets, but you'll need to complete assignments in color and cut them to fit into your CB and NB.


USB JumpDrive: The computers available in the Biotech building are unable to save work to a floppy disk or CD. The student network in not always reliable. To secure your data, we suggest a jump drive.  This also allows you to complete your work from any MHS compter or at home. They range in price from $10-$60 at various retailers city wide. Please put your name on it!

Items to share:

These items are not required.  Should you choose to bring them, you will revieve one late homework pass per item:

  • Glue Sticks - WE USE MANY! (One homework pass per package)
  • Box of Kleenex
  • 2 Rolls of Clear Tape Refill
  • Ream of Computer Printer Paper
    • We don't charge you to print out Biotech assignments and all biotech assignments must be typed. Please bring at least one ream to share this year!