CHINA 2009:






The Mesa High Biotech Academy Students and Staff at Mesa High School have had a great opportunity presented to them. The Academy has been invited by Jackie Gorman, the CEO of the Atlantic Corridor in Ireland, to instruct Irish teachers and students in hands-on Bioscience STEM activities.  Irish science curriculum is traditionally composed of lecture time and very few labs or hands on activities.  We have been invited to share with teachers and administrators quick and cost effective ways to increase hands-on activities in science classes.  In the summer of 2009, the Academy was invited to China to perform similar instructional activities.  Teachers, administrators and students in China were very pleased with the activities that we taught them and the ways we shared for them to incorporate more hands on activities into their lecture time and current lab schedule.  As an added bonus to our students, we were informed this past Tuesday, March 23rd, that the Prime Minister of Ireland will be coming to many of our school visits in Ireland.  This is a big honor and opportunity for our students.


We are sending approximately ten students on this Irish experience, and each student must fundraise and request donations from family, friends and businesses.  We are looking forward to our travels in Ireland, and hope that you will be willing to transform a student's life.  At this time we are seeking support from individuals and businesses.  We are asking for monetary donations of any amount.  Individuals may be eligible for Arizona tax credit through the ECA program.  The cost for each student is approximately $4,000.  Any donation would be helpful for reaching our goal.  Students are involved in collecting donations, car washes and restaurant sponsorship nights.  All monetary donations must be received by no later than April 21st.


The students that were able to travel to China experienced a life changing series of events.  We want our Irish Experience Students to understand the importance of being a responsible global citizen and increase their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills- all skills required to be successful in the global community.  We also want them to understand that the sharing of knowledge is a service and those that serve their communities shall reap the rewards of that service in their future.