Photo of an elk at senset

"Sunset Elk - Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado" © 2016 Sue Wright - Published in PDN Magazine - October 2017

Required Supplies for All Photo Classes

  • Mesa Public Library Card: 
    We will be using as part of our instructional content. has a multitude of tutorials for photography and software related to the visual arts.  They are accessed for free with a Mesa Public Library card.  We will apply for cards during class time. 
  • USB Flash Drive: (You must purchase this)
    Flash drives are used for additional storage and back-up.  Consider a 16GB minimum or an external hard drive instead. Especially if you are in the 2nd and 3rd years of the program.  Remember, your computer will eventually fail.  You must have copies of your files in at least 3 locations.  (Cloud, USB, Computer, additional storage device)
  • Your Own Laptop:  
    The classroom no longer has computers.  Therefore you either use the district computer (recommended because it has all the necessary software loaded onto it) or you provide your own computer. You are responsible for bringing your computer and charger to class daily.We are using Adobe Creative Cloud and will be working with software which may include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Acrobat, and others.
  • ACCESS TO A DSLR CAMERA.  We have them in class, but you will have to share.  Availability is limited.  Just as with the laptops, you are financially responsible for equipment used in class.  You can provide your own DSLR.

Highly Recommended

We have all of these items for students to use in class, but not enough for a class set. Students won't have to wait for one if they have their own, PLUS it will be a lot easier if they have something they can use at home as well.

  • Your own DSLR Camera - Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.  
  • Card Reader
    • Student computers have built in SD card readers.
    • If using your own computer, you'll need to have your own card reader.
    • If using Canon cameras, some use Compact Flash cards.  We may not have the card readers for this since we are using SD cards in our cameras.
    • Additional card readers may be available in class, but on a 1st come 1 served basis.
  • SD Card - 16 GB - Be sure you download your cards regularly and back up your files.  These cards can be damaged rather easily.


We can always use the donation of the following items to help in the classroom and to support students who may not be able to afford them.

  • Flash drives
  • SD cards
  • Card readers
  • Kleenex 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • We also consider items for use as props.  Please inquire in advance as storage space is limited.
  • Old photo/studio equipment
  • Room # 007 - Building 100 - Lower Level 
  • My Schedule:
    • 1st Hr:  Prep
    • 2nd Hr : AR 21 - Intro to Digital Photo
    • 3rd Hr - AR 22/23 Intermediate/Advanced Digital Photo
    • Lunch A
    • 4th Hr - AR 22/23 Intermediate/Advanced Digital Photo
    • 5th Hr - AR 21 - Intro to Digital Photo
    • 6th Hr - AR 21 - Intro to Digital Photo

  • Bell Schedule: 
  • Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras
  • Equipment Check Out:
    School cameras are available on an over night or over the weekend basis only.  We have a limited number of cameras and DO NOT have enough to go around.  Advance reservations are required.  Failure to turn in equipment when due will result in the loss of overnight check out privileges
Photo of the moon rising with an eclipse

Moonrise - Eclipse - Saguaro Lake, © 2016 - Sue Wright