Mesa High Air Force JROTC

National Distinguished Unit Award: 2005-2012; 2014-2022

National Distinguished Unit Award with Merit:  2015/2018/2022           

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Survival Training at Luke AFB

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Air Force JROTC provides an opportunity for students to participate in many activities including drill, color guard, team sports, physical fitness, intramural sport competitions against other JROTC units, orienteering (land navigation), cyber security/warfare competitions, field trips to many places/events (e.g. Luke AFB, Pima Air and Space Museum, Titan Missile Museum), etc.

Classes are open to all students enrolled at Mesa High School. Students who join JROTC have no obligation to enter the military.  All classes are free and uniforms are loaned out to students.  Syllabi code:  Aerospace Science courses are labeled "AS" and Leadership Education courses are labeled "LE"; also, F = Fall; S = Spring semester.

AS44 AFJROTC I - Traditions, Wellness, and Foundations of Citizenship.

AS44 Syllabus S     LE100 Syllabus F

AS45 AFJROTC II - Communications, Awareness, and Leadership.

AS45 Syllabus F     LE200 Syllabus S

AS46 AFJROTC III - Life Skills and Career Opportunities.  

AS46 Syllabus F      LE300 Syllabus S

AS47 AFJROTC IV - Fundamentals of Management.   

AS47 Syllabus F      LE400 Syllabus S

If you would like to sign up for JROTC or would like more information, please contact Lieutenant Colonel Brian Walker (480) 472-5887 or Master Sergeant Mark Caldwell at (480) 472-5889.