Captain Responsibilities & Guidelines


Congratulations on your selection as a Captain for the Mesa High Wrestling Squad.  It is indeed a great honor to be chosen to lead such a fine line group and a fine team.  This honor includes responsibilities.  As the season rapidly approaches, we want to make sure you understand what is expected from a Mesa Jackrabbit Wrestling Captain.


1.  It is your responsibility to initiate and lead warm-ups in an effective manner.  You are responsible to make sure that warm-ups are done properly, completed on time and that your teammates participate.


2.  It is your responsibility to initiate the set-up and take-down of the mats and chairs for home matches and tournaments.  Your teammates will help you if you lead them properly.


3.  It is your responsibility to be a positive role model and influence for underclassmen both on and off the mat.  Your positive leadership during matches, at school, in the community and in the locker room is vital.  Remember, all eyes are upon you! 


4.  It is your responsibility to call teammates regarding important meeting dates and times and to make sure they are at all practices.


5.  It is your responsibility to be a positive mentor for your teammates and help them manage their weight during school.  Helping your teammates through difficult times is what true leadership is about.


Winning is not so much an occurrence as it is an attitude.  Champions are great EVERYDAY, not just during a match.  Life is full of challenges.  Champions accept challenges, and with time and commitment, conquer them.  Captains demonstrate this mindset through their daily actions and behavior.


Please sign and return this form to the coaching staff if you are committed to fulfilling these expectations.


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