Any injury must be reported to the Coaching Staff FIRST.  An emphasis in Mesa Wrestling is the health and welfare of its athletes.  The athlete must know the difference between an owie and an injury!  The sport of wrestling is physical.  MesaWrestling employs a very physically aggressive style.  You will become banged up.

1.  See COACH first before all other adults

2.  COACH may send you to uor Professional Athletic Trainer Next.

3.  Mesa High Professional Athletic Trainer then may refer you to a Doctor or Specialist.


IF at home and you feel banged up.

1.  ICE the area.

2.  Contact coach BEFORE going to Doctor!!!

3.  Coach will help by leading you to seeing the doctor or just waiting till you can see Mesa High Professional Athletic Trainer.


Upon reporting an injury to an appropriate member of the coaching staff, he will then direct you, as needed, to our Mesa High Training Staff.  Our two certified trainers are highly qualified!  They will assess the injury, inform the appropriate parties, and promote the next step.  Red Mountain Athletics has the services of a Team Doctor.  Their goal is to professionally rehabilitate the athlete to return to competition as speedily as deemed possible.


Do not go to the nurse or a private doctor on your own.  They adhere to a different recovery goal.  Rest for eighteen years will also heal the body; but our athletic trainers will utilize the best in athletic rehabilitation methods.  Of course, if it is a life threatening situation, dial 911 or take to the emergency room!


Any further questions on this important matter, please see our Mesa High Coaching Staff or our Mesa High Certified Athletic Trainer






Most skin problems can be prevented by two main things: 

  • Shower immediately (preferably with anti-bacterial soap and use Selsum Blue shampoo) after each practice and competition
  • Wash and wear Clean Clothes.

If you notice a red ring forming on your skin or an area that is itchy, assume it is ringworm and begin treatment immediately.  Nearly any athlete’s foot or anti-fungal powder/cream will cure the problem.  The medication can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy.  The mats are washed daily.


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