Mesa High School Service Learning
“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn


Fall 2022 Reflections: TBD - October/November

Contact Ms. Wright (Abbott) to set up your appointment - see her in Room 808 or send her an email at Must turn in your completed Service Learning time card, with the hours totaled, and the supervisor's signature to Ms. Wright (Abbott) BEFORE your Reflection. See Reflection Instructions link above for what you need to present during your appointment time. 


Spring 2023 Reflections: April 11, 2023 in the Media Center/Library. 




21-22 Top 10 Service Learning Seniors

  • Osiris Ramirez Torres 
  • Elijah Torres 
  • Elizabeth Partida
  • Edgar Pardo-Maldonado
  • Karla Lazcano
  • Jocelyn Zamora Anguamea
  • Thalia Salazar 
  • Odalis Lopez Villegas
  • Ximena Hernandez Martinez
  • Krystal Carrillo
Please join me and congratulate these amazing seniors for their giving back to our community over the last 4 years. Congratulations to each of them!




Volunteering Hands

Top Ten Reasons for Youth to Participate in Service Learning

1. You know you have made a positive difference 

2. Promotes diversity 

3. Allows you to see the results and impact of your work on the community 

4. Provides the chance to explore careers and get job experience 

5. Boosts self-confidence and brings personal gratification 

6. Challenges you, your attitudes, and your abilities 

7. Make new friends and collaborations 

8. Makes learning come alive and be fun 

9. Broadens horizons and perspectives 

10. Teaches practical skills 

Compiled by students from National Service-Learning Leader Schools at the Leader Schools Institute in Washington, D.C., June 16, 2000. 

Option A and Option B (Also now for EVIT) Information

Option A - teacher based Service Learning - it happens in a class, club, or sports team that is teacher lead or district employee lead. Teachers/district employees are responsible for tracking the hours and submitting to the Service Learning coach along with the students' names & ID's to ensure the correct student is receiving the hours. 

Option B - Complete the Option B application with your Service Learning coach IF you are doing Service Learning that takes place outside of school without a MPS adult leading the activity OR EVIT based. If you are in an EVIT program where you are doing volunteer work that is required to complete your EVIT program, you may also earn Service Learning hours for that activity. Any questions, please contact Mrs. Wright. 

Student Testimonials

"I learned that if we want to change the world or even make a difference we have to start small." - Sarah Alaseedi

"Don't just wait for service to come knocking on your door, take the initiative and knock on service's door." - Breanne Dennison

When you are searching for opportunities to serve, make sure to find a purpose through them. Look for causes that ignite your heart, connect to your core, and create a home where you are looking forward to attending each and every time with excitement. Make your high school experience so magical, that twenty years down the road, you can reminisce about your memories not with a checklist of activities performed to graduate, but rather hobbies that guided you closer to your passion" - Odalis Lopez Villegas


Steps to Community (non school) Service - Option B

Step 1:  Decide where you would like to volunteer (see list above). Contact the organization to see if they need volunteers.

Step 2:  Complete the Service Learning Application (above). This explains what you are doing to Ms. Wright (Abbott). Remember, you must work for a non profit agency.

Step 3.:  Ms. Wright (Abbott) will review your activity. If approved, Ms. Wright (Abbott) will email you when your time card is ready and you can come pick it up from her room or she will attempt to have it delivered to one of your classes. If you are denied, you will receive an email explaining why. **Remember, in order for your hours to count towards your Seal of Excellence, it must be PRE-APPROVED. 

Step 4:  Serve your community and represent Mesa High! Record your hours, obtain signatures, and hang on to your timecard.  

Step 5:  Reflection: You are required to participate in a Reflection Activity to document your service and turn in your timecard. You'll share your experience with a small group of students (no stress, just sharing).  There are two Reflections a Year (Oct/Nov [for Seniors] & March/April [for everyone]). Ms. Wright (Abbott) will send you an invite with directions (be sure to be checking your emails regularly). 

Step 6  If you have done your Reflection and turned in your timecard(s), Ms. Wright (Abbott) will make sure your hours are recorded on your transcript. All 200 hours must be completed by early April of Senior Year to be considered for the Honor for Excellence in Service Learning (seal on your diploma).  



MPS Service Learning Logo

NOTE: All service hours must be pre-approved. You may NOT count hours that you served BEFORE filling out the application and receiving the time card from Ms. Wright (Abbott). This is a district policy.

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You must complete separate time card for each organization you plan to serve. For example, if you are going to volunteer with the Mesa Public Library, the Phoenix Zoo, and United Way, you would need three different applications and time cards.

If you are serving with a club/sports team/or in a class, your club sponsor/coach/teacher will report Service Learning hours to the Service Learning Coach (Ms. Wright [Abbott]). Please check with them on how they track and report those hours.