Student Assistance Program

What is the Student Assistance Program?

The program is designed to provide students and families support within the school and a referral system to help families link up with services found within their community.  This is done by empowering students and families to become familiar with the services which are available on campus and in the community. 

Helping students succeed in school and within their communities

Mesa High School has implemented a comprehensive prevention and intervention program designed to address the unique needs of the Mesa High School population.  The Student Assistance Program also known as S.A.P., is designed to educate, identify, assess, refer and support students with drug abuse problems and other high-risk behaviors which are interfering with a student’s education and life development.  There are 12 program components designed to involve both administrative and clinical strategies in the foundation and operation for the program.

12 Components:

1.     Advisory Board

2.     District Policies, Philosophy, Procedures

3.     Education of ALL Staff

4.     Identification and Referral

5.     Support Groups

6.     Prevention Activities

7.     Education & Support of Parents/Community

8.     Curriculum Infusion

9.     Community Networking

10.   Evaluation

11.   Program Leadership & Administration

12.   Staff wellness

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