Service Learning Coaches

Service learning coaches are full time teachers who “coach” the students and educators at their school into winning service learning projects. Coaches can help individual and groups of students come up with project ideas, connect with community needs and organizations, and find resources needed for projects. The coaches also manage the Honor for Excellence in Service Learning program for the 9th – 12th graders at their school and the Silver Service Award for the 7th and 8th graders.

Faculty members are encouraged to use their school’s service learning coach to help design curriculum-based service projects or get a copy of the many resources available through the MPS Service Learning Department (and this website). Some of those resources are the List of Volunteer Sites, the Minigrant Application, books for student and teacher use related to service, and the Honor and Silver Service paperwork.

Because not all schools have service learning coaches, similar help is also available to anyone seeking assistance by calling the Service Learning Department at 480-308-7350


Junior High Coaches

Janet Parker - Carson 

Aminah Abdelhaq - Franklin Jr 
Hillary Hovey - Fremont 
Melissa Robles - Kino
Allyson Chiren - Mesa Academy 
Jesse Moore - Poston 
Shay Moore - Rhodes             
Larry Johnson - Shepherd

No Coach - Smith   

Nora Stiles - Stapley
Brittany Schrieber - Summit Academy 
No Coach- Taylor 

No Coach- Riverview

High School Coaches

Paula Smith - Dobson                     
Scott Chandler - East Valley Academy
Kelly Wright - Mesa High
Jessica Chupp - Mountain View
Catherine Bianchi - Red Mountain
Shea Sheppard - Skyline
Julie Svoboda - Superstition High
Daniel Becker- Westwood


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