Honor for Excellence in Service-Learning and Community Engagement

All Mesa high school students may choose to earn the Mesa Public Schools Honor for Excellence in Service-Learning and Community Engagement.


Students who earn this Honor will receive:
• A special seal on their graduation diploma • A notation of the Honor on their transcript

The Honor in Service Learning will be awarded to students for their completion of 200 hours of unpaid service throughout their four years of high school. Those hours include preparation, action, and reflection. Freshmen may apply for Option B upon graduation from 8th grade. 

Students may earn hours from a combination of curriculum-based and extracurricular service. The options are described below.

Option A:  School-Based Service Learning

Option A occurs when a teacher uses service learning as an instructional strategy. Students are involved in service to the community that is linked to the goals and standards of a particular course.  Service may take place during class, or beyond the school day. Some examples are:

• Social studies student work on an election campaign or with Kids Voting.
• English students write "Books of Hope" for students in Uganda.
• Performing Arts students sing, dance, march and play for senior citizens or in a parade.
• Spanish students publish bilingual brochures introducing new residents to Mesa. 
• Sports medicine students care for the needs of their school’s teams. 
• Teacher Training students create and lead lessons for elementary students.

School sponsored clubs can also fall under Option A.  Reflections are done as a group and hours are turned in to the coach to be be recorded. A few examples are:
  • Students in a school club manage the school recycling program
  • Students in NHS or a service club conduct a school-wide drive.
  • Fire fighting students volunteer at community events.
  • Health Science students intern at care centers or hospitals.
  • Business or Graphics students design the logo and website for a non-profit.
  • Culinary Arts students cook for, set up, and serve at community events held at EVIT.
  • Students help with the school’s yearbook, newspaper, or video journalism.

Option B:  Extracurricular Service Learning

Option B occurs when students are involved in service activities that are not part of an academic class. The activities may be organized by a community organization or one or more students with an original idea. Examples are:

• A student volunteers weekly at an elementary school, sports program, summer camp, or hospice. 
* Students cleans up yards or make cookies for the elders in their church or neighborhood. 
• A student tutors peers or younger students during lunch or during a class.

NOTE: "Student Aide” does not receive service hours unless it is done outside of a credited class.

Service activities will not be approved which:
• Relate to a for-profit business
• Are done as part of religious education or a religious worship service
• Benefit the student’s relatives
• Are “babysitting for free”


Management: A Service Learning Coach at each junior and senior high will track student progress.  Students may check with their Service Learning Coach about the the service learning entries and hours that appear on their individual student records and transcripts.  EVIT students will submit their paperwork at their home school.  If necessary, appeals may be submitted to the Service-Learning Office.