Mini-Grant Information

Mini-Grants are funded by ECA Donations

Mesa Service Learning administers a mini-grant program for service learning activities involving Mesa Public Schools students of all ages. 

Mini-grants are available to Mesa school groups for service learning activities that are either curriculum-based or extracurricular.

A service learning project is defined as one or more community service activities that benefit the students’ school, neighborhood, or greater community and include articulated learning goals for the youth participants. Applicants are encouraged to plan the project with input from the clients or organization who will benefit in order to ensure the project is timely and needed.


  Funds may be used for supplies, materials, equipment, and transportation.

  • The total request for each application may not exceed $500.
  • Up to $300 may be allocated for supplies, materials, and equipment.
  • Up to $300 may be allocated for transportation.
  • But the total can only be $500!
  • And you are welcome to ask for less!
Minigrant funds will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis and will be distributed monthly. The grant deadline is the 15th of each month. Applicants will be notified about the status of their mini-grants the first of the following month. A school group may not receive more than two grants during the school year. Preference will be given to school groups who have not received a grant in the past.

A final report is due within a month after completion of a funded project.  
The instructions may be found on this link: Final Report Instructions.



· The project must involve Mesa Public Schools students (PreK – 12) in service to their school, neighborhood, or the greater community.
· The project must include preparation activities that teach students the needed skills or knowledge to implement the project.
· The project must also include reflection activities that solicit and demonstrate the participants’ analysis and evaluation of the project.
· The funds may not be used to pay personnel or to replace state or local school funds. Funds may not be used for food or drinks.
· Transportation funds must be used to transport students to a location where they will perform service activities (including dropping off created or collected items).
· A final report will be expected within a month of completion of the project. It will include quantitative and qualitative data on the project, reflections from students and adults, and a final budget with receipts attached. 


In order to apply, please go to the link and complete it online. A PDF copy will be emailed to you after it is submitted.

Lengthy responses are not expected or desired; however, enough information must be provided to enable the Mesa Service Learning Advisory Board to have a clear understanding of the service learning activities being funded. When applications are written by youth, the age of the authors will be taken into consideration. The requested content is needed, but an adult writing style is not a criterion for receipt of funds.

A few pointers: (1) “Name of Youth Representative” is the name of one or more young people who are class, club, or project leaders. (2) You must write the Summary requested on the Cover Sheet. Do not write “See application” which necessitates Service Learning having to write your summary for you. (3) In order to prepare the itemized budget, you should “shop ahead” to see how much things will probably cost and indicate the quantity and price for each item. Add tax and then total your budget. Then round to the nearest dollar for your amount requested. Here is a simplified example:


Quantity Item Unit Cost Total
5 Shovels $ 3.50 $ 17.50
3 Bags of dirt 5.00 15.00
2 Trees 35.00 70.00
5 Bushes 10.00 50.00
Subtotal     $152.50
Tax     12.35
Total     $164.85
Total Requested for Grant $165.00


It is important that teachers facilitating service learning projects and these mini-grants understand the difference between volunteering and service learning. Educators who have not been trained in the basic components of service learning (through Mesa Service Learning or another institution) will be required to attend a “Service Learning Basics” workshop offered through Mesa Service Learning.

Please read the application guidelines and process instructions carefully. Feel free to call us with questions as you develop your application. Our goal is to give every child in Mesa the opportunity to learn through service.

Phone 480-308-7350
Patrick Walsh, Director,