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National and International Needs 

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Kids Thank a Vet 

Kids across the U.S. have the opportunity to thank our veterans and learn more about these men and women serving our country. Currently, they are building a tree, and, with the help of children across the Nation, are making butterflies, one for each soldier lost. The plaque for their tree will read, "The life of a butterfly is short, ut its impact on the world cannot be measured". These butterflies will be placed on the tree and each one will have the name of a soldier on it.
The website includes classroom activities and clip art for teachers to use. Information is available about holidays, awards, women in the military and much more. See for more information.  


Project C.U.R.E. Wish List
Project C.U.R.E.'s sorting center has a need for many everyday items. A sample list includes: packing tape, toilet paper, paper towels, white paper, boxes of staples, plastic cutlery, Kleenex, hand soap refills, 45 gallon trash bags, bottled water, coffee, bags of candy (for events), large red tablecloth, folding card table, and 50' industrial-strength extension cords. A few of the large items requested are: shade structure or canopy, industrial fan for warehouse, cargo van, gas cards, soda machine, lap top, and a truck. Contact Tara Nichols at 480/792-3740 or


St. Monica's Gulu Girls Relief

Due to a 20-year-old guerrilla war in the northern part of the country, the Gulu district has been one of the most disadvantaged districts in Uganda.
Those who suffer the most as a result of this ongoing conflict are girls, young women and boys who are abducted and taken into the bush by rebel soldiers, known as the Lord's Resistance Army ("LRA"). 

The St. Monica Girls’ Tailoring Centre (the Centre) is a vocational training school started in 1975. The purpose for this institution is the promotion of disadvantaged girls and young women in the pursuit of self-fulfillment and social justice. 
Today, the Centre is run by African nuns, part of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Through home management andvocational training, the Centre attempts to provide disadvantaged girls and young women in Gulu with necessary life skills and training. 

As Sister Rosemary, the Centre Director says, "We need to develop people so they can cope with the future. Many of these girls are not accepted by their families when they return from the bush. We want to give these girls a chance to survive and succeed as well as helping them to learn to love the babies they have been forced to have."  For more information go to



e-luminate    Books of Hope is now E-luminate!

E-luminate is a service-learning program where U.S. schools sponsor a school abroad and create books to help meet the students' educational needs. We provide teachers with information about their sponsored school and instructional materials to help facilitate the project. Along with writing, illustrating and binding books, schools also have the option of collecting and sending other supplies for their sponsored school.
For more information and to register your school go to



One Million Bones

One Million Bones is a collaborative art installation designed to recognize the millions of victims and survivors who have been killed or displaced by ongoing genocides and mass atrocities in Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burma.

In Spring of 2013, one million bones - made by artists, activists, and students - will flood our nation's capital.

People are needed to create and donate bones. To get involved, go to