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How to Help

No matter how old you are, there is always something you can do to help out.
Here are some ways you can get involved with service learning:

  • Participate in service learning activities with your teacher. You may get to be a reading buddy, work on an election campaign, tie quilts, or plant a garden on campus!
  • Sign up for elective classes in junior and senior high that focus on service learning. Some of those are Teens and Teaching or Teacher Trainer, Leadership, STRUT, Sports Training, Peer Tutoring, or Service Learning. Student aides may also be providing valuable service to their school by tutoring other students or translating for them, setting up science experiments, or helping special education students.
  • Join a club that does service! Some of the clubs that do service at many schools are Environment Club, Diversity Club, AVID, NJHS or NHS, New Global Citizens, S.H.Out (Students Helping Out!), Club RIF, Best Buddies, or YMCA "Y" Achievers. Each school has its own unique clubs, so check out what they are at your school!
  • Become a Student Council member and help plan service projects for the whole school! Or, be "A Friend of Student Council." They are always looking for volunteers to help them with their projects.
  • Volunteer with your family! You can do this on a regular basis or just once in a while at special events in town. Your family could serve dinner to the hungry, pass out cups of water to the participants in something like the Diabetes Walk, help at an elementary school carnival, or entertain senior citizens at a care center with your family’s musical talents. You can also help out with your little brother or sister’s sports team as an assistant coach or timer.
  • If you are a teenager, volunteer after school or on the weekends – on your own or with a friend – at an elementary school, animal shelter, Special Olympics, hospital, youth sports organizations, or community center. There is a long list of places under, "Where to Help." These organizations like you to set up a regular schedule so they know when you will be coming, like every Tuesday after school or every Saturday morning.
  • Make up your own project! If you see a need in your school or neighborhood, go for it! Organize a clean up project, a fundraiser, a quilting bee, a carwash, or whatever it is you think will help make our world a better place. Or maybe you are just going to "adopt" the lonely older woman on your block who would love to have someone to talk with, or maybe you will teach the kids on your block how to really skateboard!