Arizona Department of Education
Service Learning Competencies and Indicators

Grades K-3

1.1.0   Describe needs related to the community and school.
1.1.1   Define needs.
1.1.2   Identify a simple need in the community or at school.
1.1.3   Identify simple solutions.

1.2.0  Develop a plan to address an identified need. (Planning)
1.2.1  Identify goals.
1.2.2  Identify the steps to resolve or address needs.
1.2.3  Identify resources required, such as money, time, and people.
1.2.4  Identify how to know when the need is resolved.
1.2.5  Identify how the plan will contribute to a safe and healthy environment for the school, community, and individuals.

1.3.0 Participate in activities to resolve or address the identified need. (Action)
1.3.1  Participate in implementing the actions identified to address the need.
1.3.2  Monitor activities to determine whether adjustments are necessary to address the need.
1.3.3  Reflect on the effectiveness of activities in addressing the identified need.

1.4.0  Use reflection to learn from the experience. (Reflection)
1.4.1  Identify progress and final successes.
1.4.2  Determine whether the intended results were achieved as outcome of the activities.
1.4.3  Identify activities that could be done differently.

1.5.0  Recognize the need to celebrate the process and achievements. (Celebration)
1.5.1  Identify who to involve and/or acknowledge in celebration activity.
1.5.2  Determine how to conduct a celebration activity.

1.6.0  Demonstrate group skills.
1.6.1  Recognize the need to listen to others and respect their opinions.
1.6.2  Practice working together to achieve a goal.
1.6.3  Identify how to resolve differences of opinion in a constructive manner.
1.6.4  Recognize how working together, people can accomplish greater tasks than they can when working alone.

1.7.0  Determine how the community helps individuals and families.
1.7.1  Identify the role of services in the community.
1.7.2  Recognize the benefit provided by the community through service professionals, including fire-fighters, police, librarians, hospital staff, and others.
1.7.3  Recognize the inter-relationship among schools, families, individuals, and service professionals.
1.7.4  Identify ways individuals can contribute to the community.

1.8.0  Integrate academic content with service activity in school or community.
1.8.1  Interview others to identify community needs and services.
1.8.2  Recognize the relationship of history to the community, families, and schools.
1.8.3  Apply communication skills and knowledge of history to service projects in school or community.