Girls Badminton:

A new announcement from a VARSITY BADMINTON coach:


Badminton Families,

First, I hope you all have had a great summer!

Second, Here are a list of things you need to tryout for badminton!

1. You should be enrolled in my Badminton class for 7th hr PE.  

2. is the link for Registermyathlete which is required to be done before the first day of tryouts which is August 9! (You may as well do it now and be prepared)

3.  A sport Physical completed.  Make sure you download the AIA physical forms to complete and take to your appointment.  You should be able to upload the completed forms into the RMA site.  Or you can turn in the physical copies to Grace Cyrus, our Athletic Director's secretary.

4. If you are a freshman or are trying out for a high school sport for the first time, please complete the extra trainings as well.  Go to for the brainbook/concussion training.

5.  Attend the open gym on the following dates

August 2   2pm-4:30pm

August 3  7th hr - 4:30pm

August 4   7th hour until 2pm

August 5 & 6 7th hour until 4:00

6.  First day of tryouts!  August 9 7th hr - 4:30  (You will be able to tryout if you have completed all items in Register My Athlete)

Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have!



Coach Ellsworth






2013 Team Photo