Mountain View is happy to host three therapy dogs as part of Mesa Public Schools' Pawsitive Peers program.


Fluffy brown, white, and black dog

Sawyer is our original Pawsitive Peer! He's a three year old mixed breed dog (our best guess is Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, and Corgi). We've had him since he was eight weeks old and we adopted him through the Coconino County Humane Society. He was found abandoned near Flagstaff with no parents. His first therapy job was in the jails, where he worked with both male and female inmates from minimum to maximum security. He started at Mountain View in October of 2019. 

His favorite things to do on campus are visiting the courtyard at lunch, doing classroom visits, and playing tug with his toys here. Outside of school, his favorite place to go is the dog beach and his favorite treat is chicken jerky. 



Fluffy doodle mix looking at the camera

Tessa is a 2 year old standard poodle. She tends to be a picky eater but loves meat, peanut butter, and pork rinds. She knows several tricks like shake, high five, speak, jump and roll over.  She is a good cuddler and loves the students at MVHS!


A mini goldendoodle

Meet Macadoodle (Mac)! Mac just recently graduated from 12 weeks of obedience and therapy training and passed his Pet Partners evaluation to become our newest MV Pawsitive Peer!


Mac is a year and a half old mini Goldendoodle. He LOVES people and thinks meeting new friends (humans and dogs) is the best thing ever! He will be attending Mountain View High School a couple of days a week with AP Mr. Long. Mac loves to hike, camp, travel, play, and cuddle with his human family of 6. If you ever see him around feel free to pet him, rub under his chin and behind his ears, and give him a hug. He will love you!