Counseling and Career Center

                                                                    Counseling Office: (480) 472-6917

                                                     Mountain View Counseling Department Vision: Students are inspired to reach their full potential.

                   Mountain View Counseling Department Mission: Mountain View Counselors will deliver an educational program while advocating for the social,                         emotional, and academic needs of our school community. Counselors will foster a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages student growth.

Your grade level is determined by the amount of credits you have at the beginning of the school year.

Sophomore = 5 credits

Junior = 11 credits

Senior = 16 credits

Click the button above, call 2-1-1, or visit the Help Book for information on one-on-one counseling, group counseling, teen lifeline, safe place, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, crisis assistance, food, shelter and clothing help, parenting resources, and more. 

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Career Center News 4-30-21

Seniors – Please Read - Ordering Final Transcripts

Seniors - please read the following information from our Mountain View Registrar regarding ordering your final transcript.

If you are planning on attending a college or university, you have to send your transcript through Parchment.  You will need to set up a Learner Account with Parchment using a non-school email as your school email will be deleted upon graduation.  Please set up your Parchment account today.  Go to and click on Order Transcript.  Once you have set up your account and designated the college or university, click on “Hold for Final Grades” and they will be automatically sent once Mountain View has uploaded your final transcript which does not happen until the second week of June.

IMPORTANT:  Once you turn 18 and have graduated, you are considered an adult and your parents no longer have access to any of your school records including transcript or immunizations.   If you are going on a mission, or out of the country, you need to set up a “Power of Attorney” allocating one or both of your parents access to these records in your absence.  They will need to bring that to the school in order to receive your records.



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Career Center News 4-23-21

Mayor's Youth Committee Sophomores and Juniors

Are you interested in local government? Want to get to know the Mayor and your City Council members? Would you like to meet teens from other Mesa schools? Then the Mayor’s Youth Committee is the program for you! The Mayor’s Youth Committee is an elect group of juniors and seniors from across Mesa who meet 1-2 times a month to learn the ins and outs of city government and do service. In addition to the great new friends and knowledge, if you successfully complete the program, the Mayor will write you a letter of recommendation to bolster your college or scholarship applications.  Please complete the application listed below and email it to Mrs. Simmonds at or drop it off to room 235 or the counseling office by Friday, May 7.  Mountain View will select up to 4 students to participate on the committee. The school administrator signature and counselor signature on the application will be provided to the Mayor's Youth Committee when we submit the selected students.  Students may submit the application without those signatures. 

Mayor's Youth Committee Application     Deadline to provide your application to MVHS is Friday May 7


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Graduated Seniors Applying to Colleges and Universities

Please remember when you are requesting final transcripts from Parchment to click on "hold for grades". It is extremely important that you do this so that the colleges and universities you are applying to receive the correct and FINAL transcript which will not be ready until the middle of June.

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