How to Correctly Shut Down Your Computer 

This information was taken from the course MVHS Digital Citizenship located in Canvas.  Other technology tips are also located within that course.

It is good practice to PROPERLY Shut Down your computer weekly. It helps to avoid some of the simpler "issues".  

It is important to shut down your computer correctly, so it can check for updates and so it actually shuts down and doesn't run down your battery. Review the steps below:


1.    In the lower left corner of the screen, click on the Windows button

2.    Click on the Power icon (circle with a line)

3.    Select Shut Down

4.    DO NOT shut the lid until the red power light has turned off


Note: It is good practice to RESTART your computer EACH TIME you login.  It helps the system to run faster.

You should also "refresh" Canvas and other individual pages before you begin any work.  Updates and teacher changes may have occurred.