Señor Ryan M. Norton
Spanish Teacher

Monolingualism is curable!

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¡Hola! People often wonder (have anxiety) about who the person will be at the front of the classroom. So, here is "Señor Norton in a nutshell"...

After several years of resisting education as a career (my parents were both educators, as were grandparents, great-grandfather, etc.), I couldn’t resist it any more.  I grabbed my love for Spanish and its corresponding cultures and piled on the classes at California State University San Marcos.  Once I decided on getting my degree in Spanish, I quickly finished my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish.  Still thirsty for more, I went to the University of Costa Rica and completed the first six units of my graduate work in San José.  My favorite graduate course was an applied linguistics course at SDSU in which we studied language acquisition and teaching methodologies.  It was also at SDSU where I acquired my third language proficiency requirement in Portuguese (though I’m quite rusty now).  The rest of my graduate coursework in Spanish Literature and Linguistics - and then some - were completed at CSU San Marcos. Additionally, I received an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from NAU.

My time abroad includes 22 months in northern Argentina (along the borders of Paraguay and Brazil), the time I mentioned in Costa Rica plus a few additional student trips there, two trips that included time in Nicaragua, a week and a half in Brazil, some student trips to Peru, a few to Spain, some time in Puerto Rico, a trip to the DOminican Republic, a bit in Italy, over a week in Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity, and several short trips to Mexico (Baja California, Sonora, Nuevo León, Yucatán). 

I spent over five years working with international students who were studying English in San Diego and almost three years as an adjunct Spanish instructor at Palomar College (San Marcos, CA).  After moving to Mesa several years ago, I started up a small business and sold it in 2005 so that I could to return to teaching, my real love. I taught for five years at Dobson and worked in Educational Technology for one. I have been at Mountain View since then. I am happy to be at Mountain View - the one school in MPS with a mascot that is a Spanish word! I have also done some work with Pearson to develop online curriculum, some time with NAU with their Personalized Learning program (Spanish, of course), and a little extra work at MCC teaching ESL. I also sponsor a couple of clubs on campus - the Student Involvement Club (SIC) and the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society).

It is very exciting to be working with teenagers.  I hope you are always aware of my eagerness to convey those things that I’ve learned and continue to learn – it is truly life-changing to learn another language and to acquire an understanding of another culture.