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Señor Norton has taught Spanish at the college and high school level. These audio podcast episodes are typically 10-15 minutes long and will give a brief tutorial of some of the grammar points discussed in his classes (Spanish 1 and 2). These episodes are not designed for full instruction but as a refresher or clarifier to supplement what you have learned in the classroom.


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Quizlet... What is it? (¿Qué es?)

  Learning Spanish takes some work! Many students use flashcards to help them learn Spanish (or other things). But who wants to take the time preparing to study instead of actually studying?! In this episode, Señor Norton discusses his use of for digital flashcards. He has already prepared flashcards for you so you can just go online, or use a portable device, and get learning! To find the flashcards that he has already prepared, visit  ____ T his podcast uses the following sound file from  The Freesound Project : Remix 3 of Freesound 116385__cunningGnome__20_Tang_II_Base.flac  from  Owdeo ; licensed under a  Creative Commons...

Accents: Why do we have them and when do we write them?

Very Brief Rules for Stress (Accents) In Spanish, words are spelled just like they sound. In order to take advantage of this simple and nearly perfect system of spelling, one must first know the rules for stress - that is, how to know which syllable is pronounced the loudest. 1.      Words ending in a vowel, -n, or -s are stressed on the next to the last (penultimate) syllable: nada na - da limonada li - mo - na - da zapatos za - pa - tos manzanas man – za - nas compro com - pro esta es - ta estas es - tas   escuela es – cue - la 2.      Words ending in...

Conversation: The School Day

In this episode, Sr. Norton talks with Michelle about her school day. Classes, transportation, clubs and friends are discussed during the short dialogue. The dialogue is played two times. The first has short pauses inserted between sentences to give the listener time to process. The second time plays straight through. Extra credit: After the dialogue, there is a humorous interview between Michelle and her father. Credits: Reggaeton.wav beat from Artist: djpuppy's breaks file: duppyReaagetomSoca01-114.wav Trumpet loops from Artist: Trumpet Loops 'n' Hits file: TrumpetLoop02.aif

Pronouns: IOP and DOP

Pronouns: Subject Pronouns

Several years ago your teachers taught you about the subject of a sentence. They also taught you about verbs. We talk about the subject of a sentence performing the action of the sentence. That subject is the first part of understanding what a subject pronoun is. The second part is the word pronoun . In basic terms, a pronoun takes the place of a noun. So, instead of saying my brother we can change it to just say he . He is a pronoun replacing the noun brother . So let’s study the pronouns in Spanish:   I           Yo We Nosotros You (familiar) Tú...

Pronouns: Using IOP and DOP

Spanish 1 Review - Lesson 0.1

Spanish 1 Review - Lesson 0.2

Spanish 1 Review - Lesson 0.3

Spanish 1 Review - Lesson 0.4

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