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This blog-style threaded discussion allows students to give input on questions presented to the Spanish 3 student in my classes. Remember to observe rules of courtesy, friendliness, etc.

Practice for writing final

Your writing final for Spanish 3 will be this Friday. We will do the final here on these computers in the library. Accents will count. We will practice today. Take your time and do it right.

Your responses should be one long paragraph or two short paragraphs.

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Oct. 17, 2012 - How to type accented characters

As a part of this class, you will need to turn in some TYPED paragraphs in Spanish. That means that the accents will need to be typed as well. Congratulations! You found the instructions to type accents! 

By the end of this assignment, you should be able to type accents on any Windows PC. This page will describe three scenarios for typing accents:

  • ASCII Codes (also called ALT Codes). Works on most any PC in most any application.
  • Typing shortcuts. Works in an increasing number of applications like Microsoft Office and others. Typically does NOT work in Internet browsers.
  • MAC. For those of you using MACs, I will provide one way to type accents.
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Discussion 1: ¿Qué haces después de las clases?

¡Queremos conocerte! Escribe un párrafo para contestar la pregunta:

¿Qué haces después de las clases? ¿En qué actividades participas?

Make sure you read the "rules" below.

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