Our trip to Spain was a HUGE success with memories that will last forever!












Here are some highlights from our trip:

  • Touring Madrid and hanging out in the city
  • Tour of the Royal Palace
  • The Prado Museum AND the Reina Sofia Museum
  • Exploring foods and conversation at the Market of San Miguel
  • Exploring the Medieval city of Toledo
  • Guided tours of the cathedral, churches, and a sword-making place
  • The iconic windmills of Consuegra
  • Visiting the Alhambra (Wow!)
  • A scavenger hunt in Granada
  • Visit the "Costa del Sol" on the coast of the Mediterranean 
  • Tour Sevilla
  • Go to a Flamenco show
  • Tour the Mezquita (mosque) of Cordoba
  • Tour the historic city of Segovia - ancient aqueduct AND a castle!
  • Go El Escorial and take a tour
  • Finish up back in Madrid