Culturally Responsive Teaching

Teaching the Native American Student

Information compiled to demonstrate the differences in learning styles between Native American and non-Native American students. A great resource for teachers, administrators and parents. 

Written and compiled by Susan Cameron, Salt River Schools


Dine' Traditional 

Teachings on Wildlife

The Diné people believe everything in nature has its own place and purpose in the universe. Animals and other living things play a significant role in the origin and existence of the Diné people.

This Guide was developed by teachers for teachers who work with Navajo students on the Diné Nation. It provides Navajo cultural information on wildlife to help teachers select appropriate activities and topics for the classroom.




Teaching Native Students

Compiled by Marilou Schultz and Miriam Kroeger from the

Four Winds Walk in Balance on Mother Earth Curriculum Guide
for the Arizona Adult Literacy and Technology Resource Center, Inc