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What is NAL all about?        team

The NAL® motivates and recognizes academic athletes much like their athletic peers. By successfully combining the important aspects of team sports -- such as competitiveness, strategy, teamwork and cooperation in a group effort -- with important aspects of learning -- such as problem solving, critical thinking and scholarship -- the NAL® generates the same popular enthusiasm and pride as do sports teams. It's cool to be smart!

What happens at an NAL match?

A team of 15 to 40 students under the direction of a coach play a four-quarter game focusing on questions that span 22 subjects grouped under the basic curriculum areas of math, English/language arts, science and social studies. Each question has been correlated to National Common Core Standards. Players use strategies to keep possession of a question sequence, learn teamwork as they huddle to answer a complex question, learn to problem-solve by preparing and presenting a solution to real-world problems, and engage in a fast-paced, quick-answer contest. In this academic sport, each NAL® league participates in a regular season of play to determine a champion. Each league's champion plays in the National Tournament using distance-learning technologies. Participants from across the nation compete with one another and build networks. The National Conference follows the National Tournament.

How can I get involved at my school?

Contact the coach at your school. Our season this year begins in December and most teams begin practicing in the fall. Nearly all the junior highs and Mesa Academy have teams. Some teams require that students try out in some manner while others may have room on the team for new participants.