John Trezise named Maricopa County Exemplary Principal

The Hermosa Vista Elementary principal received the award during a surprise celebration May 10.

Steve Watson, John Trezise and Ember Conley at Exemplary Principal celebration at Hermosa Vista ElementaryAt a surprise campus celebration May 10, Hermosa Vista Elementary Principal John Trezise received the Exemplary Principal Award from Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson.

The award is presented to administrators who exemplify practices and leadership that contribute to high expectations and exceptional student learning. Nominees undergo a rigorous five-step evaluation that includes a teacher/staff survey, site visit and data review.

Principals who receive the award successfully:

  • engage staff, parents and community in developing an effective school culture
  • use data to guide instruction and decisions regarding staff development
  • have a history of high teacher retention
  • demonstrate the ability to develop and inspire others

"It is an honor to recognize John Trezise as an Exemplary Principal," says Superintendent Watson. "He is a leader who values relationships, collaboration and shared decision-making. John is incredibly student-focused, and works hard to know and understand each child's context to set them up for success. He has built supportive connections with his staff, parents and the surrounding community."

According to his colleagues, Trezise can always be found among students on campus. He also knows every child by name and has nicknames for most, and he has an excellent sense of humor.

"I feel honored to receive the award," Trezise says. "Thank you to our students, staff and community for the opportunity to work collaboratively to make Hermosa Vista a school where students are excited to attend and teachers are inspired to work. The essence of the award showcases the power of fostering authentic personal connections with the people you work with, care about, and want to see grow and blossom. For that, I feel especially grateful for the recognition."

(Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson, John Trezise and Mesa Public Schools Superintendent Ember Conley at Hermosa Vista Elementary celebration for Trezise's Exemplary Principal award. Photo by Tim Hacker/Mesa Public Schools)


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