Parents invited to preview sexual awareness curriculum

Parents of ninth-graders are invited to preview the district's sexual-awareness curriculum Aug. 10; parents of seventh-graders, Aug. 19.

Project MESA (Mesa's Education in Sexual Awareness)

Mesa Public Schools offers four lessons for seventh-graders and four lessons for ninth-graders on the physiological and psychological aspects of human sexuality. The program encourages sexual abstinence before marriage and emphasizes possible consequences of teenage sexual activity, including pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The ninth-grade curriculum also includes the subject of dating-violence prevention.

The district wants parents to be completely aware of this opt-in program. Parents throughout the district are invited to view a recorded virtual informational meeting to hear an overview of the lessons that will be presented and to meet the Project MESA teachers — Matt Berzins and Dr. Cindy Maguire. They will be available via phone or email to answer parents' questions about their children's classroom instruction on this important topic.

Meeting schedule

Ninth-grade parent meeting
Available to view at by 8 a.m., Monday, August 10, 2020.

Seventh-grade parent meeting 
Available to view at by 8 a.m., Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

Detailed information

Project MESA is coordinated by the district's Science and Social Sciences Department. An overview of Project MESA and details about the lessons are available online. For more information, parents may call Matt Berzins or Dr. Cindy Maguire at 480-472-0262.


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