Early Learning (Preschool)

Director: Lisa Bullock Grotting
Department Specialist: Megan Anderson

Our Promise

Every student in Mesa Public Schools is known by name, served by strength and need, and graduates ready for college, career and community.

Preschool Main Line: 


1025 N Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ 85201.

Second Floor - Room: 203

Mesa Public Schools Preschool Programs are diverse and inclusive. Our inclusive Early Learning Programs celebrate the uniqueness and ability levels of all children.

Young children of all abilities learn and grow together in high quality inclusive classrooms where each child receives the necessary support, equipment, and materials to access their curriculum and meaningfully participate in their educational environment.

MPS ensures all preschool children have full access to and participation in the range of activities provided.

This play-based program is aligned with the Arizona Department of Education Early Learning Standards, with a focus on critical thinking skills and social/emotional development. Our preschool programs implement the Creative Curriculum. Creative Curriculum studies are explored by students using a variety of learning styles and modalities, which in turn, ignites curiosity and encourages sustained attention. Students with and without developmental delays work together and grow in one inclusive environment.  Instruction is individualized based upon ongoing progress monitoring (Teaching Strategies GOLD) so the teacher knows where each student is at developmentally. GOLD is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through third grade and is completely aligned with the AZ Early Learning Standards.

Director of Early Learning
Lisa Bullock Grotting

Dept. Specialist
Megan Anderson,

Dept. Secretary 
Vania Barajas Nuñez,

Office Specialist
Vanessa Franco

Preschool Licensure Specialist
Alissia Gearhart,
Christine Persinger,
Nancy Ramos,

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  • If you are having difficulty with the online registration you may come into our office to get assistance.

    Address:1025 N Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ 85201 Room: 203

  • Office phone: 480-472-1067


Complete the "Preschool Application" link located above, first. After you complete that, you can complete the "Online Enrollment" .

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