2023 Bond & Override Continuation Election

Budget Override Continuation and Bond Authorization

The Mesa Public Schools community is asked to vote on a Bond and a 15% Override Continuation in the 2023 election. These are both continuations and tax rates are projected to remain flat.

What is the difference between the bond and override?

Bond dollars go to buildings, buses, and capital projects. Mesa Public Schools prioritizes modernizing school buildings and facilities, upgrading school security and safety infrastructure, and adding technology integration to enhance student learning experiences.

Examples of projects funded by the 2018 bond:

  • Upgraded air conditioning systems

  • Secured school lobbies at 17 schools

  • Performing Arts Center and other renovated facilities at Mountain View High School

  • Upgraded facilities at Mesa High School

  • Student devices for one-to-one learning environments

The override supports people.

  • 13.9% of all staff salaries are supported by the override

  • Hires school security staff

  • Promotes workforce development by staffing CTE classes

Fact Sheets and Presentation:

How Mesa Public Schools spends taxpayer dollars.

elementary student looking up with pencil in hand

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